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2024-25 Calendar 

Saturday & Sunday, June 8th & 9th        

Location: Gold Creek Farms, Mt Brydges                                         Register Here

Entry Fee: $60 Entry Fee per dog/trial                                                         

Trial Info:

Our first trial of our region's 24-25 season!

Open Combined (Amateur & Open Dogs)

Lunch available each day for $10/pp

Trial Officials:

Judges: TBA 

Bird Planter: TBA

Trial Chair: TBA


- Visitors are welcome to come by to watch.

- Please wear hunter orange (vest, coat, and hat.)

- Questions? - email:


Future Trial Dates:

July 6&7

August 24&25

September 7&8

October 5&6

Nov 23&24

Details on the above dates to come soon!

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